Gaming PC Carry Case

Are you rising you eyebrow seeing that some would want a gaming pc carry case? It’s all right. I used to do that until recently. I planned for a long time an extended vacation for 3 months a few years ago.
I visited 7 big cities in US and in most of them I had old friends from my childhood. When we used to play at those firsts tv gaming consoles we used to tell each other that when we get older we would get together to play games. And now as we are all grown ups, we thought to keep our promises. So you probably already guessed that I wanted to be prepared for some old school gaming. It was more of a surprise as I will tell you later.
Now I had to choose between a laptop and a portable gaming pc case. It would’ve been easier to go with the laptop, I wanted a different experience so I went the extra mile going for the portable case. I made sure that wherever I would stay during my vacation there would be compatible TV or a PC monitor. As I traveled only with a backpack I had my hands free for my pc case.
gaming pc carry case for travelingI went for the High Sierra 32″ drop bottom wheeled duffle model (see the image on the right).

Just at $120 made things easy for my gaming experience with old friends. My pc case fitted just right, leaving extra room for the joysticks and cables.
Traveling this way made my life easy and my beloved childhood games ready to play when I arrived. The thrill and the joy I had with my old friends was well worth the money for the case and for carrying it around.
Not to tell that some of my friends have kids now and it was a real battle of who would play while we had only games playable in maximum 2 players. I still have a big smile on my face as I write this lines. From time to time I get messages with jokes about our old championship video game marathon.
Now I just rise my corner lips smiling when I hear about portable pc cases or about pc carry cases. If you check the model I choose you will see that it’s main destination is not to carry computers and that is because I wanted to use it even after my traveling. To be able to transport my computer safely from temperatures, humidity and shocks I wrapped it good. I used a bubble wrap and generously put it around a few times. Over that I put a blanket. With this set-up was easy to get it where I wanted safely. I still have that computer around and I save it for old and for small games. The HDD still has room with all the hundreds of games on it.
Today is easier yo get your games on a USB if you have a pc/laptop where you go or a laptop with you. But if you want to show of your mean looking gaming pc case you could carry it, if you want to look strange.

Crazy Video Game Requirements

Ever got high FPS or freezing; the worst of the things to happen while game playing on your PC? Well if you haven’t got there you either have a huge rig set-up or you haven’t played yet the big boys games. I am talking about games like Far Cry 3, ARMA 3, GTA IV, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Metro Last Nigh.
With my past set-up, a 2.1 GHz and 3 GB Ram it was a pain to run Call of Duty for example. All the frustration for every delay I could feel on skin. Uhhh.
Anyway the new rig I have has a brand new CPU with 3.2 GHz from Intel (the Xeon processor E5-2667 V3), 8 GB DDR3 Ram and a GTX 780 video card. Call of Duty runs smooth at maximum 10 FPS, no freezing. I also have plenty of room now to host Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith and X-Plane 9. Two of the biggest games with 30GB and 70 GB space needed.
Since the computer is new I won’t try to push it over the limit, although I see others are overclocking the GTX780 video. Maybe I’ll do that when I’ll have more money in case something goes wrong. I don’t see why I would do that now as everything is working amazing and I have 5 games that previously I couldn’t run on the old pc.
Here is a nice test made by Dans Tech about the top 10 most demanding games: